Our Summer bucket list 2019

So for our Summer bucket list this year I wanted to write things we wanted to do rather than PLACES we wanted to visit. It probably is helpful to some people, maybe you’d find somewhere you haven’t heard of before OR jog you memory of a place you had long forgotten but sometimes seeing a giant list of places to go can maybe feel intimidating? Cause believe me you don’t need to take your kids EVERYWHERE and DO ALL THE THINGS for them to have great Summer.

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Away with Macdonald Hotels and Resorts, Aviemore | AD Gifted Stay

Are you looking for some Aviemore inspiration? Well you’ve come to the right place!

A few weeks ago I was by Macdonald hotels spend three nights at one of their resorts in Aviemore to show that there’s More in Aviemore - catchy right?

The best part of a holiday is a chance to reconnect as a family right? To be relaxed enough to be able to enjoy bedtime rather than it being a part of the day you get through before getting them to sleep. To be able to have adventures without thinking of the pile of dishes that awaits your return. That is exactly what this trip meant to us. We’re very lucky to enjoy many weekends away at our caravan but in reality we don’t use it to its FULL potential.

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