Our Summer bucket list 2019

So for our Summer bucket list this year I wanted to write things we wanted to do rather than PLACES we wanted to visit. It probably is helpful to some people, maybe you’d find somewhere you haven’t heard of before OR jog you memory of a place you had long forgotten but sometimes seeing a giant list of places to go can maybe feel intimidating? Cause believe me you don’t need to take your kids EVERYWHERE and DO ALL THE THINGS for them to have great Summer.

If you are around Central Scotland I’ll be creating mini blog posts of places we find best to do some of these things on the list//

Eilidh at alva glen.JPG

Don’t believe me, still feeling the pressure to make it magic? Well, think back to YOUR childhood. What is it you remember most? Is it your mum/dad bursting themselves to take you all the wonderful places each day, the big days out that cost a fortune or is it the simplest of things like that time you had a family water fight in the garden? TIME SPENT is most likely what they'll remember, it’s certainly what I remember.

Ok, so on with the LiSt..

  1. Go for a bike ride

  2. Make giant bubbles

  3. Pick strawberries

  4. Visit a museum

  5. Skim stones in the river

  6. Go swimming

  7. Feed the ducks

  8. Find shapes in the clouds

  9. Collect stones to paint

  10. Watch the sunset over the water

  11. Have a garden tea party

  12. Have a picnic

  13. Make a bird feeder

  14. Collect seashells

  15. Paint our faces

  16. Make nature slime

  17. Plant new flowers in the garden

  18. Have a family water fight

  19. Toast marshmallows on the beach

  20. Climb a big hill

  21. Fly a kite

  22. Have a BBQ on the beach

  23. Put the sprinkle under the trampoline

  24. Go waterfall hunting - **LOVE this one**

  25. Take up a new hobby/try something new!

So there you have it, that’s our list.

I hope it has given you some ideas or inspiration to create your own list of things to do this Summer

Karen xx