The BEST places to take the kids a BIKE ride | CENTRAL SCOTLAND

DRUMROLL… The BEST places to take the kids a bike {Scooter, skateboard anything that has wheels) ride In Central Scotland.

The Helix, Falkirk

The Helix covers a huge area between Falkirk and Grangemouth. There are long routes leading to the Helix from Grangemouth, Laurieston and other surrounding areas that are all clearly mapped and are flat paths perfect if you’re cycling with little ones.

Why we like to take the bikes here:

Wide, flat paths

Huge area to explore

It’s a safe place where kids can cycle a bit further on and you can still see them

Perfect for young cyclists who are learning!

Bantaskine Woods, Falkirk

Bantaskine woods have proper cycle trails through the woodland which would challenge any rider. It’s a woodland path so is a bit more challenging with lots of uphill and downhill areas so it would probably suit a more experienced young cycler looking for a challenge and exhilaration.

Why we like to take the bikes here:

Challenging routes

Fairly quiet routes

Lots of different routes to take depending how much time/energy you have

Zetland Park, Grangemouth

Ok, the play park has seen better days but stick with me because our kids love coming here to cycle on the mini roads. There’s also lots of flat paths coming in and around this park if you fancied a walk!

Why we like to take the bikes here:

The mini roads

Cramond foreshore

Cramond foreshore is a great place to come with bikes or scooters. It can get v busy here though!

Why we like to take the bikes here:

Wide flat paths

It’s a long stretch so the kids can go on ahead and you can still keep them in sight

Great for young riders learning to ride

Cuningar Loop, Rutherglen

A relatively new development which has been completed so well. There is lots to do here, it’s actually a great park for older children as it has different challenges like a bouldering area!

Why we like to take the bikes here:

Great bike tracks/loops - the kids will love it!

Good flat paths and board walk

Townhill Country park, Dunfermline

This was a new find for us. We parked at the county park and walked around 1 mile to the play park, the kids actually cycled this. The paths around the loch are cycle friendly although they are pretty narrow especially if you pass someone so it might be better to take a more experienced rider here!

Why we like to take the bikes here:

It has mini roads which have been made into a ‘cycle training area’ its very new so all the road marking are clear and they have signs up for STOP and GIVEWAY. It’s very well done but is SMALL and Eilidh got bored V quickly (she’s 9).

It was a lovely cycle to the park

Kings Park, Stirling

A well kept park near the centre of Stirling (perfect if you’ve been to the shops to pop by afterwards!) the cycle routes here aren’t big but there is flat paths surrounding and a little skate park which the kids enjoy pushing their bikes ad scooters around.

Why we like to take the bikes here:

Non challenging cycle

Flat paths

Skate park

St Ninian’s Park, Stirling

This park is also in Stirling, has a little road area and small play park. We’ve only been here maybe twice? so don’t know it very well. The kids enjoyed taking bikes here because there was a cycle track/loop that had a steep hill to speed down.

Why we like to take the bikes here:

Good cycle loop

mini roads

Drumbowie Park, Standburn (Falkirk)

Located just outside Falkirk this is a lovely little walk for those with youngsters who can’t manage a huge distance (i.e. Matilda) It has good wide paths although it is loose stones so can be a little tricky for them to pick up speed. I wouldn’t take scooters here!

Why we like to take the bikes here:

Short circular route

flat but added challenge with the ground surface

VERY quiet

South Queensferry - Dalmeny House

This is somewhere we like to go if we’re all cycling! (which has been a wee while, since before Matilda was born) It’s a lovely route with lots of little places to stop along the way with little pockets of beaches perfect for having a picnic.

Why we like to take the bikes here:

Easy ride (only a few uphills)

Fairly quiet

Lovely woodland

Karen McRobbie