Editing photos using VSCO app

Hi I’m Karen and editing photos makes me happy.

I tend to use the same edits over and over but not on preset. What is a preset I hear you cry - well, it’s a photo recipe. You can create your own ‘recipe’ with filters set, exposure, contrast, sharpness etc save it as a recipe then apply it across a range of pictures at once!

I’ve never done it this way though. I like playing with each photo too much - lol.

So here I’ll share how I edit. Before and after. I’ll try describe my thought process while doing it. Hopefully I won’t sound like a boring monologue. More like a narrative female Morgan Freeman. I’d like that.

I do all my edits on my phone.

Some pictures are taken on my phone but most I download from my camera (via the built in WiFi) I use VSCO editing app. I’m sure there’s lots about the app I don’t know. Sometimes I’ll click on something and it appears you can upload your photos into a feed, perhaps like Instagram (?), I’m not sure but I’m just there for the edits.

So firstly I upload my picture.

I adore the A5 analog filter. It has a beautiful blue hue to it without the added coolness. I adjust the filter, depending on the photos natural light will depend how strong the filter I use.

Then I’ll play with exposure. I used to love over-exposed. Y’know super light to the point where there is no depth, it’s just flat blind ya brightness. But now I like the dark side. Adding depth and shadow with the exposure makes takes my pictures to a whole other level.

Note: I actually feel like my edits are what makes me look like I know what I’m doing - haha

Then Contrast. Again, don’t go overboard 1 point to either side can be all it needs. I prefer to add a bit of contrast, especially now we’re in autumn as it gives a nice orangey glow.

Photo not really anything to do with post, I just wanted you all to remember Tammy Girl.

Photo not really anything to do with post, I just wanted you all to remember Tammy Girl.

Now sharpness. I bloody love this tool. However, if you take it too far it can look like one of those sketches from the photo booth you used to get in Tammy Girl (please someone else remember these?! I loved them!) but slide it along a little and play around to get the best for the picture

Adjust. Most of my pictures are of the kids. They move so fast or sometimes although the pictures good there’ll be a unsightly bin in the way (god, how dare they walk past a bin!!) so I try to cut things like this out when I can with just a simple crop. I’ll also straighten things up using this tool to make the picture, well, straight!

I’ll show you some before and afters and try upload an action-packed editing video.

A short video of how I edit my pictures on VSCO app


Here’s a few before and after shots from our day of Autumn treasure hunting. All using similar editing as in the video.


Do you edit your pictures? I would love to know what app you use!

Have you made presets? Or do you enjoy making each picture a little bit unique?

Hope this has been helpful, please let me know if it has been.

Karen xx

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