Our Car Upgrade - Finding the right 7 seater SUV

Are you looking to upgrade your family car to a seven seater? You’ve come to the right place! Finding the right 7 seater SUV for us wasn’t an easy task - there’s not a huge choice that was within our budget.

If you follow me on the gram, you’ll know of our recent car battles - it’s been an exhausting back and forth, mistake and misfortune but it eventually lead us to trading our car in and upgrading to a seven seater.

This blog post isn’t going to be a Top Gear style car review but just a mums opinion on their new family car. We found lots of good PRO reviews using WHAT CAR?

Growing up family of five we had a Toyota Previa - the biggest car you could buy before resorting to an actual mini bus. It was ideal as a child as we each had our own space although we still fought over the ‘boot seats’.

So we knew we wanted a bigger car eventually, with Eilidh getting older (and bigger - she’s nearly the height of me!) our family 4x4 wasn’t going to cut it for much longer. Sitting next to each other squeezed in chunky car seats created a lot of moaning and niggling that, lets face it, none of us parents need!

When looking for our new car ultimately it was down to BUDGET but here are the main things we had to think about;

  • Low milage

  • Cost

  • Warranty

  • Less than one year old

  • Good condition

  • Seven (or more) seats

Extra things that we were looking for (if the car didn’t have these we wouldn’t have been put off but they would make nice extras)

  • Built in Sat-Nav

  • Alloys

  • Leather seats

  • Iso-fix

I’ve spent a few years looking at 7 seaters and I always thought I would have loved the Ford S’Max - we had a Ford Mondeo when Eilidh was a baby and also a Ford Focus so we knew a little about how they drove etc but in our search we found the ideal car for us;

The Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

The car we chose, funnily enough! Our exact model is the ‘Feel’ its a 67 plate and it had under 10k miles.

Ok, so let me tell you a bit about it.

The Seating

It has seven seats

The seats are pretty amazing.

The front seats move like in most cars - they can go forward, back, up and down using a lever but what really makes them amazing is they are heated seats but also have a built in MASSAGER - say whaaat! Awesome right? Both front seats have this. They both have under seat compartments, handy!

The middle row of three seats are single seats and they all move individually so you can have one seat forward the one next to it back or whatever combination! The other day we actually folded the middle one right down and put Matilda’s pram in the on top. It’s really easy to adjust the seats to get into the boot - Oscar can do it himself. Under all the middle row seats there is a little storage space which is handy to keep the floor space clutter-free.

On the back of the driver and passenger seats there is a pull down table and a storage net.

The boot seats, also known as the seats everyone wants to sit in/ fight over, the joys! the ‘boot seats’ are fully functional and can be used like any of the other seats. They can be totally folded away, as can the three in the middle row, to create a totally flat van-like space. Perfect for those IKEA trips - am I right?!

There is a HUGE amount of space in this car for a ‘small MPV’.

The Dash

 Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

The screens are probably the coolest part about the car - there are TWO screens. One 7” screen and a bigger 20” screen.

The small screen controls everything about the car. From adjusting the A/C to changing the screen colours!

There’s not a button in sight. Everything is done using the screen, which is great in many ways however its really awkward to use when you’re driving. There’s a few controls on the steering wheel for the Active Cruise Control and Speed Limiter. You can also switch songs and use the Citroen voice over to make calls etc.

The big screen has your speedometer on it, it took me a little while to get used to not having it right in front of me but now that I’m used to it it’s such a great design as it allows you to clearly see the road and view ahead.

Apple CarPlay - technology huh? You can set the screens to play the apps on your phone, from podcasts to music its all there in a fully coloured screen! We use our Maps on here as they update more regularly to the one thats built in.

The Modern Car

I reckon within the next few years there’ll be no need for actual people to drive cars. Everything is automatic in this car. The headlights can be put on AUTO, they’ll come on exactly when you need them to.

(It’s amazing how quickly you become used to this - I think if I drove another car now I’d totally forget and be driving in stealth mode - HA)

AUTO windscreen wipers too.

The model up from ours also has the reversing camera (G can get them from his work so we plan to install one by removing one of the lights from above the number plate)

Boot Space

 Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Ok, so the boot space with all seven seats up isn’t brilliant. We couldn’t fit our Bugaboo Bee (well known for its compact size) in the boot but really we don’t use all seven seats so its not a big issue for us.

With the boot seats flat theres a huge amount of space!

Here’s a real life action boot picture. You won’t find this on Arnold Clark!!

Safety in the C4 is a priority

When you’re thinking about buying a new family car I would imagine that its safety is a huge priority for the majority of you. We checked out this cars safety rating using How Safe Is Your Car? Overall is scored 37.53 out of 37.

It’s a really good site to use when checking any car, make or model!

The three middle seats have ISOFIX rings and also the upper latch for car seats that secure in using both.


Our interior of course applies to our make and model but I thought I’d show you exactly what ours is like! The REAL, everyday pictures.

Why we LOVE the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

  • Incredibly spacious - G is 6ft 3 and has PLENTY of space as driver or passenger

  • Drives like a wee sweetie

  • Doesn’t feel like a huge car

  • The seating arrangements that you can make

  • It has some really cool techy features

  • The panoramic view + the windscreen

  • All the hidden pockets

  • The stress free, no fighting car journeys - HAHAHA I would give my right arm for this

  • Safety aspects

  • You can fit TWO McDonalds - or whatev your preference- drinks in the cup holders side by side and they don’t touch each other or spill. Don’t tell G, this is a “no eating car”

  • The storage compartment between the two front seats can house my entire make up bag

We decided to test out the size of the car with all the seats flat and had a 'drive-in movie’. We gathered up pillows, duvets and blankets, drove to our favourite woodland and snuggled in and watched a film.

* we didn’t drive the car like this LOL it was just for funsies.

Hope you’ve found my ‘mum review’ useful. As I mentioned before for the best car reviews which have the real technical stuff check out What Car - they have really good information about all makes and models.

Karen x