How to add magic to your Instagram pictures

Want to create that extra magic to your instagram pictures? In this post I’ll let you in on my little secret on how to achieve a beautiful Bokeh effect on your pictures too!

After I posted this picture

bath pocture with bokeh.jpg

I had so many DMs asking how I created the little sparkles. Most people thought it was photoshopped but really, who’s got time for that? I use an app!

It’s super easy, free (some of the effects are a small charge) and can be done within a few minutes.

You can download the app from the AppStore it’s called BokehCamFx.

Play around with the size and opacity to get the look you want. I feel like less is more, focusing on one part of your picture. In previous pictures I've posted they’ve featured little fairy lights so i’ve focused the bokeh around them which keeps it really subtle.

I upgraded to the full version which cost £1.99 which I think is very good value as it is so simple and quick to use. You can create realistic bokeh (as in what you could achieve with your camera) or make it just a bit fancy and sparkly!

That’s the icon you’ll be looking for (top left).

As you can see there’s not any complicated buttons that you won’t understand what you want to use.

There’s a good choice of colour options (I tend to stick to the white or the yellow next to the orange)

As you can see I’ve used the light of the candles as a starting point and just sprinkled the lights around them.

Happy editing!!

christmas sparke 2.jpg
christmas sparkle.jpg
christmas sparkle 3.jpg