Morning Routine with Three Children

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Morning Routine

Getting 3 children out before 9 am


Since my eldest and first daughter was born I’ve been a stay at home Mum. I still consider myself a stay at home Mum as I fit work into nap times, bedtimes and basically whenever the kids are sleeping or attended!! 

I had Eilidh, 7 when I was 18 we then had Oscar, who is 3 and Matilda is 18 months. To say I have loved every moment of it would be untruthful but I can honestly say it’s been the best thing I have ever done and my life’s biggest achievement. 

Our morning routine. 

I have three priorities for every day. I’ll break them down into things I want to do for Myself, The Kids and the ‘To Do’ list. 

So starting with myself :
Every morning I have a shower, dry my hair and put on makeup for doing the school run. It may seem crazy to some but it sets me up for the day and I can feel confident about how I look going out and about! It’s part of me, I enjoy getting ready, dressing well and hopefully looking good. Sometimes when we become mothers/parents you lose that part of yourself along the way with so many other things to do and children to care for but I truly feel that taking the time to care for yourself is vital for a healthy mindset. 
I like to get everyone organised, dressed appropriately (for this lovely Scottish weather) snacks organised for any activities so that once we’ve dropped Eilidh off at school we can get straight out to enjoy our day! 
I also enjoy a little social update, a quick flick through insta, emails and Facebook before I get out of bed! 

The kids:
I’m lucky enough now that my two eldest, Eilidh (7) and Oscar (3) dress themselves. We lay their clothes out the night before so they know what they’re wearing. This is especially helpful on school days where everything seems more rushed! 
While they get themselves dressed I change and dress Matilda (1) she’s at that adorable age where everything is a game and getting dressed is just one of them! 
* Her favourite just now is when her arm goes through her sleeve she waits for me to do ‘round and round the garden’ on her palm!* 

The ‘To Do’ list:
Once we’re all dressed and ready I have a quick scoot around the upstairs collecting any dirty washing, glasses from during the night or milk bottles - glam Mum life huh?! I try to make ordinary tasks seem fun so give the kids little jobs to do in the morning that they have mini competitions with each other. 
* the first one to open the blinds in their bedroom wins a dojo!* (Dojo points are used at Eilidh’s School as a reward system which I’ve brought into the house to reward good behaviour or kindness) 
Or *who can take down the glasses for me?* etc. I think it’s important that children have little tasks around the house from a young age as it helps their independence and to appreciate what we as parents have to do. (Mean Mum!) Even Matilda (1) loves to help unload the dishwasher, she’ll give me one piece of cutlery at a time or throw literally her plates and cups into her drawer - which obviously takes longer but she adores helping and has the biggest smile while doing it! 

Depending on what day it is, depends how much we have to do in the mornings. Sometimes Eilidh will have a school dinner but most days she’ll have a packed lunch - any other mums feel like School dinners lack variety? The choice of fruit is also really poor! 

I use the mornings to make up her packed lunch, empty the dishwasher from the night before and the kids will sort breakfast. We normally have a selection of cereal - kids favourite is bran flakes with raisins, not fruit and fibre because of the dried banana (God forbid!) we also have four slices of toast between us and some fruit! On mornings where I’ve had extra time ie the kids got up at 630 instead of 730 I’ll maybe make pancakes. We used to make banana pancakes for Matilda but we let her have the good ole scotch pancakes now. 

I try not to let the kids watch television before school. I like to chat about the day ahead of them and hear about their dreams - sounds strange but it’s something I ask them every morning. On a Friday they get a treat and watch Milkshake for 20 minutes before we leave! 

So where are the kids when I’m doing all of that you may ask?! Well, they’re beside me, at my feet, staring up at me in the shower trying to hand me rubber ducks, on the counter helping or pulling at my make up bag as I paint my face, asking a billion questions about why do you colour in your eyebrows?! Or playing morning games together. 

Morning games: when it’s early (before school run) I don’t like the kids taking out lots of toys so we have ‘morning games’ which is mainly reading books, playing in the toy kitchen or drawing. Keeps it easy for me while we get ready to leave. 

We leave at 8:40 am to get to Eilidh’s School on time, we always drive as it’s a rural school so we live too far away to walk. There’s no Nursery at the school so Oscar attends Nursery at a nearby school which we'll walk to some afternoons. 

I used to get up half an hour before the kids and do a 30-minute work out which I hope to get myself into the routine of doing again! 

Things to keep in mind: 

This is our most mornings. Some mornings don’t go as planned. Of course, we have the odd ‘Get your shoes on, you’re going to be late’ moments.  Of course, there are mornings I don’t make it for a shower or can’t do my makeup but they are few and far between (thankfully!). I’m a funny sort because I adore routine but I’m also quite spontaneous- as my husband will tell you! During the summer he’ll sometimes get a phone call at work to say that I’m taking the kids away to our caravan for a few nights or he’ll come home to a house that looks completely different as to how he left that morning - anyone else a serial redecorator? 

I say this because I want you to know if you’re reading this thinking - ‘my god, I can’t remember the last time I was out before 9 am and washed my hair and I only have one child?!’ - I’m with you, mama! It’s not always easy and you will definitely get there. Find a routine that works for you and your little ones. Also, if I didn’t have to do the school run and be out the door before 9 am, would I?! I’m not sure!

I hope this little insight has been helpful and please leave a comment on your morning routine! 

Would you like to hear about our bedtime routine? Let me know! 

Much love, 

Karen x

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