Weave/ wall hanging workshop - Behind The Wall, Falkirk

On Sunday the 19th March I was lucky enough to snag a place at MOO + BOO's first ever workshop!


I first met Emma at a market we both attended in December ‘17 I’ve always adored her pieces but could never decide on which one to get! It was just after that she announced she was thinking of running workshops, teaching people the basics of weaving and creating a wall hanging!

You all know I love a bit of craft so this was perfect for me. Also meant some child-free time which is such a luxury! I invited my mum along too - I couldn’t tell you the last time we spent any amount of time just the two of us - probably while we were wedding planning 4 (or is it 5 ?!) years ago!

The venue:

BTW in Falkirk, known for serving good food and, if you’re a mama, known for its little soft play right next to the tables. Check it out here

The workshop was upstairs in a private room - industrial decor, good music & you could order from the menu + cocktail list!


Emma had everything set up and ready to go. There were so many wools to choose from! Other workshops that I’ve seen similar only have a limited selection to choose from and don’t tend to offer the more expensive wools, like merino, but Emma had lots of it, different thickness, colours and styles.

Once we all arrived we were served our prosecco, what a treat for a mama on a Sunday afternoon!!

Walking in I was pretty confident I’d be able to pick it up easily. Oh boy, was I wrong! 


Emma thankfully brought us round and showed us how she was doing it all step by step. It’s very fiddly, which I think is the hardest bit! Once we warped the loom (check me and all the terminology!) it was into the fun bit - choosing the colours!  I had a few ideas of what I wanted to do. I had been looking through Emma’s work the night before and pinteresting other ideas - I wanted to try an ombré style but in reality, being a complete newbie I opted for choosing some different colours and textures and seeing how I got on!


Emma showed us some amazing techniques for creating different styles and would give her recommendation on each piece.

There were 8 people at the workshop all creating different hangings. It was amazing to see everyone’s designs coming together and using different techniques.

I chose to do a few different shades of pink and white, teal and purple. I mish-mash of everything really! I wanted to try out some of the techniques Emma showed us. She’s so inventive on how to create some of the styles. Who knew a pen and a chopstick could be so useful!!


My mum went for a similar style but kept it to pinks and white and used lots of the merino wool. She found it all really fiddly. She’s the only person I know that could get so stressed out doing craft!!

My mums starting weave  

My mums starting weave  

It was such a fun, creative environment. Everyone was chatting and laughing it made it so much more enjoyable and relaxing! Maybe the prosseco helped too.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through and seeing the pictures.

Emma has future workshops planned already. I 100% recommend it. It was great fun and something different to enjoy and being able to take something handmade home!

She also has upcoming classes for kids too! You can book the kids class here

Is a workshop not for you but you love this design for your home? Check out Emma's shop for items that are ready or you can request a custom order made just for you! 


I’ve ended up making a few purchases on Wool Couture to make some little bits for around our home.