My Blissful Moments Of Parenthood

10 Blissful moments of parenthood

Sometimes it’s just that chance to catch your breath that does the world of good. Here’s my blissful moments of parenthood. What would yours be?

  1. When your kids unexpectedly fall asleep - in the car, in the pram or take a nap.
  2. That five second walk around the car once you’ve plugged them in.
  3. Putting the trolley back when they’re all plugged in the car.
  4. When you manage an entire cup of tea uninterrupted.
  5. A lone trip - whether it be the toilet, the food shop, a shower or even just driving to pick the next one up  - BLISS!
  6. Lying in bed an extra five minutes while the play happily in their bedroom.
  7. When routine just goes to plan.
  8. When they eat what you give them (clearing the plate is a bonus parent point).
  9. When no one has fought or niggled, even for five minutes.
  10. When your child comes home and there’s NO HOMEWORK!!

cheeky 11th. When your child that desperately insists you bring the bike or scooter or ridiculously heavy car to the park but ACTUALLY rides it the entire time without you having to carry it, what a feeling!!

What would you add to the list?

Let me know in the comments!

Karen x

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