Gift Ideas for Four Year Olds

If you've come here your in the same boat as me, finding it a challenge to find birthday presents for a four-year-old. Oscar's birthday is just next week and we're just getting round to thinking of what to get him. I find it quite difficult to choose presents for any of the kids as each birthday and Christmas passes I'm reminded of how little they sometimes play with toys we have previously gotten (some Christmas presents are still in their boxes)!

So with that in mind, I'm trying not to buy just anything and choosing things that will last, that have more than one use or something that sparks imagination and creative play!


1. Scooter - Oxela B1 from Decathalon

Now, I'm sure micro scooters are worth the price tag, they certainly get amazing reviews I've just never wanted to part with that much money for a scooter being absolutely honest! 

Oscar got his Oxela B1 Scooter from Santa (Christmas 2017) Its similar design to the micro scooter but is only £22.99. Yes, that's right! You can also buy detachable foot pads in 4 or 5 different colours for only a few pounds each. 

Its perfect size for Oscar (he's tall for his age) and even Matilda fits well on it too! They are both able to easily manoeuvre it as well. Huge thumbs up from us!

2. Play Parachute (this is the one we have here)

You might remember these from your childhood Rainbow group? If not then these parachutes are so much fun! We keep ours in an outdoor bag that we'll sometimes take to the park. The kids love playing ring o roses with it and fly it up into the air and dashing underneath. We also roll it up and use it as a giant skipping rope!

3. Playmobil 

Oscar got a Playmobil helicopter as a birthday gift last year, it has truly stood the test of time with this boy! Great for young builders and a sturdy toy once built!

We got him the police car set from Amazon 

4. Shawe Building blocks 

These funnily shaped snowflakes look great for building fine motor skills. They can be slotted together to create many different shapes!

5. Outdoor/ Garden toys 

We're very lucky with our garden that there is space to have a huge kids area at the bottom where they can play and have all the plastic in one place! 

For Oscar's birthday this year one of his main presents will be a slide. They currently have one but its a few years old now and showing its age. We've chosen this one from Smyths 

Other ideas for garden play could be, Water Table, Mud Kitchen, Trampoline, Swing Set, Sand Pit, Tuff Spot Tray. I've linked some pages just to give an idea but there's so many to choose from to suit your garden and budget!  

6. Orchard Toys

I'm a HUGE fan of these games. They are fun, bright and simple instructions. They're age appropriate, educational and let's be honest a much better parent-child pass time than playing Barbies or cars over and over again!

ALSO, PARENT HACK: did you know if you lose a few pieces from a game Orchard Toys will send you replacement pieces?! Amazing right!

7. LEGO 

Cause everybody loves Lego right? There are so many options with Lego. Duplo (bigger less sore for stepping on pieces) Lego Friends (the "girly" version) there's also Star Wars collections and MANY other sets available. 

We have a huge collection of Lego Friends so this year I opted for a Classic Box - Wheels. I think Oscar will love it. I also got a large Lego board for building onto - always handy!

8. Let's Get Creative? 


All the kids are huge fans of play-doh. Oscar loves making snakes. If you're buying play-doh be sure to check out Argos as they have the best deals I've found. Large sets are on their 2 for £15 deal!! 

Tuff Spot Messy Play Tray

I've been looking at these play boards for a while now but always held back. I think they're a great idea but also think they'd be quite a lot of work and chaos afterwards. Great fun though!


Oscar really loves an information book. A DK encyclopedia would be his dream! He would never choose a story picture book but will happily sit with me if I start reading one.

I recently found the book MIXED by Arree Garne (found via @sunshinesamblog IG Stories) It's such a lovely story about colour. How it started RED, BLUE and YELLOW, but the colours fell in love and 'mixed' and made lots of different colours. I thought it was SUCH a lovely idea! 

Biff, Chip and Kipper

If you have a near four-year-old you have a nearly at school child (waaaah) the Biff, Chip and Kipper reading books are a brilliant way to start their reading journey. We still have some from when Eilidh was beginning to read. You can find them at The Book People at AMAZING prices! 

10. Butterfly Garden Kit - Live Butterfly Garden

Raise Your Very Own Butterflies and Release into the Wild

We've never tried anything like this before but I'm so interested in it. I've had a little read at the website, the idea is that you receive caterpillars along with all the food they require to grow and turn into pupae and transform into a butterfly. 

I think the kids would love the responsibility and enjoy watching the change from caterpillar to butterfly.

11. Experience

If you read my blog post about Eilidh's birthday then you know we're all about the experiences! This year we've booked Oscar tennis lessons to enjoy for a week during the Summer holidays. We're also going to the Airshow in East Fortune to celebrate his birthday then too!

{If you didn't catch my blog post about Eilidh's Birthday you can catch it here}






Karen McRobbie