Mama Summer Self Care

I’ve spoken about what my plans are for the kids this summer, the places we hope to go but one thing I’m always quick to forget about is myself.


I've never been really good at practicing self-care but I am getting better at it.


I think for me there’s a very thin line between

‘I’m doing this for myself because it makes me feel good and I deserve that’


‘I’m being so selfish putting myself first and doing things that benefit me’

I think as a mum I’ll always struggle with this. You’re told from the moment that your baby is born that your life has changed forever and you’re no longer first priority. Which of course is true. But you are also a priority. You can’t pour from an empty cup.


Right now the kids are young and still very dependent on me but in ten years time, they really won’t be, especially Eilidh. I don’t want to get to that point and realise that I don’t know how to care, treat or have fun just being me!


So with all that in mind I’ve decided to think about a few things that I want to do this summer. A mama summer bucket list!


Get my hair did


It’s not been done since February, I’ve done a few root touch ups at home but it desperately needs some TLC


Get my nails done


Again it’s been so long. I need a good shellac to bring back my strong gal nails back


Have a day or at least a few hours to myself


What a luxury!! Even if it’s just to go to Tesco alone or clean the house up.


Go to a photography club or experience


I would love to get to know my camera better (and take it off auto)




I already go nearly every night during the week but with no real routine entering the summer holidays I can imagine myself relaxing with it when I really don’t want to!


Date night or date day


I would love to have a date day with G. Going out at night is nice but there’s something even more special about getting out during the day with your other half - like times where it was just us two!!




May seem strange to some but I love decorating. Doesn’t need to be much but I would love to freshen up a room during the summer


What would be on your summer self care list?


Karen x

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