SkinKissed Serum Review

I've been using the skin kissed Vitamin C Serum of about 10 days now and within that time I have noticed a dramatic difference in my skins plumpness and glow!

The product itself is easy to apply and not overly fragranced which is a bonus for me. The serum has fitted in, well, to be honest, its taken over my skincare routine!

It's the perfect base for my makeup as it makes my skin feel hydrated and smooth. I sometimes use it once I've applied my makeup as it gives it an extra glow.

*I use it in areas where you would apply highlighter*

Skinkissed is a little more expensive than its competitors priced at £29.95, however, a little goes a long way and now that I'm over 25 (waaah) I really want to invest in good skincare products!

My Skincare Routine

I naturally have pretty good, clear skin (don't hate me) although because I suffer from hyperthyroidism my skin can dry out really easily so I like to take good care of it mornings and night.

Morning Routine

Shower - Wash face with gentle exfoliating facial scrub, I use Charcoalogy facial clay cleanser

Dry face

Apply Skinkissed Serum - once this has totally absorbed I prime my skin for makeup

The Ordinary Primer - so my face is make up ready

I use makeup every day so I want my skincare to be extra kind to my skin.

Evening Routine

Sometimes I'll have a shower in the evening too (depending on post gym sweatiness - ha)

I remove all my make up using Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 make up remover. I'm actually just waiting on this finishing then I'm going to try out something new as it always leaves a sticky feeling on my face, not really what you want!!

Using a makeup remover rather than wipes is so much kinder to the skin, there's no rubbing your eyes to get the makeup off and cotton pads are so much softer than wipes. It only takes a few minutes and switching alone could make a huge difference to your skin!

I then use M&S Formula Absolute, Ultimate Sleep Cream

I then use ORIGINS Ginzing, energy boosting gel moisturiser

Then finish with a little drop of Skinkissed 

My whole routine is less than five minutes and is realy refreshing before going to bed.


My skin feels subtle, hydrated and is the glowiest (real word btw) it's been for a long time. Whats your skincare routine? Do you have one? 

Karen x