Redecorating on a budget

So you're looking to redecorate your living room on a budget, well you've come to the right place. I've recently revamped ours to the 'dark side' and I'm loving it! I think some people are scared to take the plunge,

"it's dark and cold feeling"

"you'll lose the light and spacious feeling" 

OKAY, it does darken things down - it's also SEXY, inviting and cosy!

Its given our whole room a real lift - it doesn't need anything fancy to give it depth or style. A few well-sourced accessories and we're done. I've yet to get some prints for creating a gallery wall behind the TV {a great way to disguise that ugly black square}

So banging on - BUDGET, in my opinion, the most effective way to get more for your money is to go to pre-loved. Yes, I said it. Secondhand!

If you're smart with your search I think you'd be surprised at the things you can get to achieve that Pinterest look we all desire. (i'll do another post with my top tips for using Gumtree, eBay etc) 

Buying preloved suits my style, eclectic (hint: a mish-mash of many styles thrown together to look HOT) some things that I love the look of you couldn't buy new, like my vintage sideboard. Its actually a dressing table that came with a large mirror but I wanted to use it in our livingroom so detached the mirror. Originally I bought it to upcycle, which I'm still considering, but I kinda fell in love with its natural vintage beauty.

She was a GUMTREE buy for £10

I was so elated with the price, she has not a mark on her, a good clean {not that it was very necessary but still} I added wallpaper onto the inside of the drawers.


We recently got new sofas - y'know whats coming, secondhand. In the past, we bought our sofas from DFS. Now don't get me wrong it was lovely having them brand new, choosing the fabric and leg colours exactly how we wanted them but let's be honest it's expensive and the first time that yoghurt fingers touch them they're not so new anymore.

{I'll cover reasons to buy preloved in the other blog post}

We got the large grey sofa from a gorgeous home in Leith for £200. It was only one year old and is exactly what I would've chosen. 

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This gorgeous white sofa was such a STEAL. Its Laura Ashley and we paid £150 for it. The price tag was still on, its two years old and was £1700. This sofa was a bit of a risky buy mainly because the lady who owned it smoked, I tend to always look for a non-smoker. It took a few days of airing, vacuum cleaner sprinkles and a bit of Zoflora and there's no smell left whatsoever. I'm so glad we took the risk!

white laura ashely sofa.JPG

Lastly, for the living room, I wanted a little coffee table. I adored the LOVBACKEN from IKEA when we were in. It's not changed much from its original design in 1956 {it was actually the first piece of flat-pack furniture IKEA produced and they brought it back last year - original was called the Lovet} it's only £45 at IKEA currently but I searched Gumtree and found this one for £20. No marks and in perfect condition and obviously less than a year old!

THAT LaRedoute rug, well no, not that famous one that everyone has (no digs, it's gorgeous) but I didn't want the overly popular one so opted for their Ustril Berber-Style rug. I had been wanting a rug for the living room for a while, I snapped it up on sale at £60! I love it and it is such good quality thick pile. 

I also bought some quirky dusty pink cushion covers that were insanely reduced. It was £18 for one and I got two for £8.90 - did someone say BARGAIN?

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Let's face it, you can't beat Farrow & Ball colours, Their sumptuous silky range of delicious colours are just perfection. They sell luxury from the cute little tester pots that concertina colour pamphlet everything screams IM SPECIAL. But we're taking budgets here and unfortunately F&B arent very budget friendly. 

So what is a gal to do? 

Well, I colour matched with Crown Decorating Centre. they can colour match ANYTHING {I'll let you think about that one}

I can truly vouch for the quality of these paints and honestly, I wouldn't look at anything else now. I got 2.5L for £18 which covered most of the space, I went back for an extra 1L to finish off which was £8. Also, their tester pots are such a great size if you were painting a small space you get a lot in that pot - I actually used the tester to paint all the edges which was so handy when standing on a ladder {dining chair} with a paintbrush in hand.


 I hope you found this useful! There's a real stigma and sometimes perhaps an element of embarrassment to buying second hand so I'm trying to change peoples views on it and hopefully by telling you what we've managed to source, you'll have a look yourself too?

I would love your know your tips for redecorating on a budget?

Karen xx