Cinema trip with three kids?

So last week Graeme and I were chatting about how rarely get the chance to do fun things anymore without having to schedule in a babysitter {willing family member} 

Sometimes it's not even the big things I miss but the little ones, the late night trips to Tesco, just popping out for a short walk together or a spontaneous cinema trip. Anyway, I digress. 

So, last Saturday we decided to have a date night at the cinema to see Mamma Mia 2 and take the kids with us! 

Top Tips for surviving a cinema trip with kids 

Go to the very front

I know, not great but there's usually a good amount of space for the kids to have a little, safe, wander without getting in anyone's way. 


Bring snacks

We bring our snacks. I know, call the police. But cinema sweets are ££££ we do tend to buy popcorn and a coke - can't beat an icy syrupy coke at the cinema though right?


Know that you'll maybe miss some bits

This is possibly the most frustrating bit, especially if you actually want to see the film (like we did this one) but getting flustered will only make things worse. perhaps going in knowing what to expect makes it easier?


Use the boosters

We still get a booster for Eilidh. She's so light that the seats never stay still they also try to collapse like a deckchair so yeh, get the booster! The kids love it too, it's like a grown-up car seat.


Speak about what happens before you go

If you're taking younger kids like we did Matilda {2 next week - cry face} try chat about how dark it will be, how you might be sitting next to people you don't know and that it will be loud. If its a kids film you're going to see most of the people there are going to be parents so don't be too concerned about your child crying or shouting out about how they've heard this song before etc!


Choose a time that's right for you

If the timings conflict with lunch time or nap time just don't do it. You'll end up having a bad experience and not want to go again!


So that's my tips, would you add any? 

Have you taken your little ones for their first cinema trip or do you have any bad experiences to share?

I hope this has been helpful! 

Karen x