Do you over-use the word JUST?

The word JUST suggests that you were unable to or there was effort or struggle. It can be fairly derogatory to what it is you’re trying to say or ask. Giving it less meaning. Using the word just weakens or diminishes your work. It’s most commonly used amongst women. Surprise, surprise right? We would never want to be seen as bossy or have self-confidence so we pack our sentences and answers with the word JUST.


Are you that person to add JUST to every question you are asked? I know I can be but I am trying harder not to.


Let me ask you a few.


What to do you for a living?

My stumbly answer;

“Um, I’m just at home with the kids”


Where did you get your outfit?

“Oh it’s just a little cheap one from New Look”


Where do you live?

“Just in ....”


Even simple questions like


What’re you doing at the weekend?

“Oh we’re just doing things with the kids” 


You see how that word totally changes the sentence? As if what you’re doing isn’t important or of value?


I once read a blog post about the affects on your self-confidence when you use words like JUST and ONLY.

I use it to make what I’m saying sound ‘friendlier’ if that’s such a thing. It softens what I’m saying but I’ve become more aware of how often I use it. Even when writing emails, chatting with friends but especially when I’m asked questions or complimented.

How often do you use the word JUST before you speak about what you do or what you love?

So my one thing to tell you to stop saying about yourself, your life, your home or what you do, stop saying JUST!!


Karen xx