How to use/ style eucalyptus

I thought I’d share a how-to on ways to use and style eucalyptus. It’s no secret I love the stuff, the house is filled with faux eucalyptus but you can’t beat the fresh smell of the real deal!

First of, WHERE to find it?! I actually really struggled, apparently its not been great quality lately so my usual florist hasn’t been stocking it as it was coming in with spots and a bit brown looking - dats no good.

I got this bunch from Irene’s Florist in Falkirk. It was a huge amount and cost £13 which is a total bargain for eucalyptus. You can expect to pay £1.50 per stem in most places. You can also get it from Stirling flower market (only open some days and unsure which ones - sorry thats pretty unhelpful!)

So my advice, phone round a few local florists and see if they could even order in some specially from their supplier!

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Eucalyptus has the most amazing, FRESH smell - it will fill the room!

It can make a real focal point on a dining table, on the floor or in your bathroom.

I love having some in the bathroom as the steam from the shower really works with the smell and makes a lovely aroma, kinda feels like a mini spa day!

  1. Eucalyptus a vase

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Eucalytpus is really simple to display, the stems already look rather lovely and twist and curl in their own way so it is literally trimming the ends and keeping them in fresh water. If you want to get the most out of yours, change the water every few days. I love it when the Eucalyptus gets dried up so I keep mine for such a long time however if you don’t keep changing the water, mould can grow on the stems so keep wiping them and don’t fill the water to touch the leaves as they can rot.

2. As a eucalyptus hanging

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This is a perfect, simple way to display anywhere around the house to give a little freshness and some beautiful natural decor. Cut a large stem in half, leaving around an inch at the bottoms to group together, simply bind the ends together with some twine, you can pick this up in florists but I get mine for a fraction of the cost at hobby craft or the range. Tie a knot at the back to keep them secure leaving a few inches to be able to tie the bunch onto wherever you’re planning to keep it.

3. Create a eucalyptus hoop

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As you can see, I’ve just used a simple wooden embroidery hoop i picked up in hobby craft. The eucalyptus is fairly flexible so just twist a large piece around the hoop and secure with twine. Snip smaller stems from other branches to fill it out at the bottom and its ready to be hung! These last for such a long time.

I made this one at least six months ago, as you can tell its pretty dried up, but i love that look. When i took the pieces off they were still in this exact shape and crunchy!

It also makes beautiful props for small businesses when styling products, depending on your business and branding of course!!

On the left is one of the hangings I made in our hallway. I attached another hanging on the shower. ALL the freshness!

I’ve hung the eucalyptus wreath on our bed frame for now but I love to move things around so it’ll be all around the house!

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SO, I made all of these for all around the house with the huge bunch of stems - pretty decent right?!

Other things I’m thinking about are;

~ Eucalyptus garlands, Christmas time with some white faux flowers and maybe some silver glittery bits

~ A wall hanging, like a simple dowel rod and eucalyptus hanging from it tied with cotton (if that makes sense? I can picture it LOL)

How to you style your eucalyptus? Are you a fan or a novice? More importantly, have you ordered some yet? Go, go, go!

Karen x