Project Shared Room

Boy/Girl : project shared room

Do your young kids share a room? We have the awkward situation, from a design point of view, that Oscar and Matilda share. They’re four and two years old and obviously it’s a boy/girl shared room.

When deciding how to decorate I wanted to create a space that could be movable, that grew with them but also suitable if we wanted to switch things around like having the girls sharing rather than the younger two.

Having Oscar and Matilda share is the perfect sleep situation for us just now but I’ll write about this another time.

I wanted to create two areas, one for sleeping and relaxing (ha) and one for their toys and playing. We’re lucky that its a good size that we can achieve this {with no toys in sight at bedtime it means there are less distractions}

So first of I created a mood board, this is one of my favourite parts of redecorating. I have dedicated Pinterest boards and then from that select the main things I would like in the space! {I use an app called PicCollage and just screenshot and clip to make this}

shared room moodboard.jpg

Shared Room Mood Board

So from top left working across and down;

Image found on Pinterest from @familyliving IG. I wanted to create a half painted wall to make the room seem more spacious. The kids are wee and most of their belongings are low and small so it compliments who uses the room!

Canopy - Matilda has one in grey and I wanted to reuse it. I got hers from Amazon.

Watercolour whales - I have a beautiful set of watercolour cards that were in the living room but wanted to move them into the kids shared room.

Chipboard - not for everyone but I love the look of this chipboard, it gives the green/blue colour warmth and adds texture to the room

Plants - cause what room is complete without a plant?

Pufferfish faux taxidermy - this one is from @gillprendergast I absolutely adore it, its so unique!

Colour - I colour matched F&B Green/Blue with Crown Decorating Centre. I love the colour. It’s perfect for a unisex room.

Wooden toys - random toys for the mood board

Velveteen babies - I adore Coral’s magical creations. Matilda has a cloud hanging in her canopy but I would love to get a raindrop garland

Monochrome poster - THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT poster by Mini Willa

Ikea Minnen Bed - I plan to get Matilda a matching one when she outgrows her cot {we’ve taken the side off for now}

Let’s begin with paint

In my opinion the best thing you can begin with with any room is freshening things up. So before anything else we decluttered a little, cleaned (even the skirting which comes in handy when you start painting) and painted all the walls white and touched up the ceiling! You’ll notice such a difference even just doing this.

Once I painted it all white I was just itching to use the frog tape but I took heed of the instructions and waited 24hours. I’m actually glad I did wait because Graeme was actually around to help you probably could do it yourself but it was certainly easier and quicker with one measuring and marking and the other taping between the dots!

We marked the wall at 43inches if you’re interested which is higher than standard border height. I chose to do it at this height as it would mean that Oscar’s bed was totally in the colour rather than near the white.

The colour is F&B Green Blue - I used Crown decorating centre to colour match this as I prefer the quality, and price, of Crown {read why here}

I would highly recommend Frog Tape. It’s pricier than masking tape at roughly £5 for a roll, however with 40m to use it won’t be a regular purchase! It gave the cleanest, sexiest lines.

I only painted two walls with the green blue colour as I didn’t want to enclose the room in by painting every wall.

Left: Oscar’s side. His bed is the IKEA extendable MINNEN bed. I got the faux ivy from The Range (it was around £3) and twisted it round the bars. The ‘Every day is an adventure’ banner is Sass & Belle and was from Freddie Loves. The book display is from IKEA - Flissat. The black and white cushion is also Ikea, its old though so I don’t think it’ll be available any longer.

Right: Matilda’s side. Matilda’s bed is the mint mini cot from Mokee. When choosing her cot, because she was the third and we had limited space we opted for this one and it hasn’t disappointed! It’s available in a few colours and natural too (which is GORG!) The felt cot bumper is also from Mokee. The little bag is from Ferm Living - its actually the bag her bedding came in but she likes to keep other special collections from her day in there. The plant basket is from Matalan. The cat banner is from Tilly & Clover as is the pink pear print. She has a Sleepyhead Grande which has been amazing used instead of a bed rail!

Once Matilda has outgrown her cot we plan to get her the same bed as Oscar to match - cute right?!

NOTE: its never this tidy.

They have four paper bags filled with toys, Matilda’s dollhouse, the wooden car garage, the little IKEA table (came with two chairs but they took them outside and ruined them) we’ve recently cleared out the toys and have only kept the things they actually play with. I try to swap things around to, keeping some things in the loft and bringing them down for something ‘new’ to play with. I actually think that they’re more creative and imaginative when there isn’t toys crammed everywhere, its like theres too much to choose from that they end up overwhelmed and would rather do something easy like watch TV.

 Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

This is the piece of chip board to go above Oscar’s bed. It SHOULD be really simple to do but we’ve just not had a free minute to attach it yet!

This is directly opposite their toys. This is Oscar’s chest of drawers (the room has a built in wardrobe so we keep Matilda’s clothes in there) I’m planning a little upcycle of this set of drawers - they used to have little vinyl moustaches on the drawers (you can still make them out) but I plan to repaint, perhaps in a colour? to freshen it up!

We’ve had this stressless lounger since Matilda was born for all those night feeds but its really handy to have so we’ve kept it in here for settling the kids at bedtime. Its really sturdy, comfortable and reclines so its win win.

The gorgeous floral hoops are from Birch and Bloom - Louise creates the most stunning hoops and wreaths. She also runs fantastic workshops if you’re local (Central Scotland)

 Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

My biggest tip when designing a space for your kids is to choose things that aren’t typically for children. Choosing items that you would have in your own bedroom will make the things you buy last much longer. It also means that you can choose to invest in these things knowing they’ll last beyond the baby years! So for lighting, blinds or window dressing my suggestion would be to say away from child-like patterns as they will date or you will go off them or become too childish faster than you could imagine.

** I’ve deliberately not photographed their bedroom window as we’re going to be switching the floral roller blind and matching curtains for a simple (but lasting) wooden venetian blind. **

 Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Some Velveteen Babies magic. That is exactly what Coral (owner and maker) creates. I adore Matilda’s mint cloud and hope to soon get a raindrop garland to go by her bedside.

The canopy she has was from Amazon.

The BE KIND banner is a customisable letter banner from The Little Lovely Company.

As you can see we really don’t keep many things in their room, we did have a clear out before this though so there used to be more ‘stuff’ but nowadays I try my best to hold out for things i really LOVE and will treasure rather than buying things to fill empty space.

Still to finish…

There is always more to finish right? If you seen my IG you’ll know I made a collage of watercolour prints on a piece of chipboard - I love it and so desperate to get it on the wall. Its going above Oscar’s bed on the white bit of wall.

Blinds, as I mentioned above, we’re going to be changing the current roller for a wooden venetian blind - I'm still undecided on curtains but whatever I choose I will make sure they have blackout lining (which for me are a must have as nothing keeps a room darker for those sleeping babes)

I’d also like to make a little creative space where their toys are, I had thought about using blackboard paint on a square but I'm undecided.

Posters and prints; still to decided whether to go monochrome or something more fun but this time I’m going to buy frames first as I always forget and get irritated that I have no where to display them.

These are some other bits I have to finish. The dinosaur shelf has been with us since it was used in Oscar’s nursery, I painted it using Annie Sloan Chalk paint in a greyish colour but I’m thinking of redoing in something a bit more fun.

The Hey box was from Tiger and I painted the inside in chalkboard paint.

The little cloud is a lamp from IKEA I’m going to put it up around Oscar’s bed as a little night light for him.

Have you got any upcoming projects? My next one is Eilidh’s room - it’s all been cleared and painted white ready to be decorated when I can steal a moment away…

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post or found something helpful or better yet, inspiring. Let me know in the comments!

Karen x