Simple ways to refresh your home, in January

How to refresh your house in January (without spending a fortune)

If like me you’re itching for that post Christmas pay day to come so you can refresh the house, update your dwindling wardrobe or even just to have money in your pocket that doesn’t have to be spent on presents, food or Christmas entertainment, I FEEL you!

However, if like me, you’re impatiently walking around your home ‘hating’ every inch of it, fear not! I thought I’d share some of my tips to bring your home (and mind) back to some kind of zen without spending money (or as little as possible)

  1. Declutter, clean and clear

Ok, it’s just gone Christmas and you’ve added to the already overflowing toy baskets - it’s wonderful, I truly love it but it can drive you mad having so much STUFF everywhere and knowing that half of the stuff the kids never play with, I’m looking at you, Pie Face.

So grab a bag or a few (one for stuff to go to charity and one for the dump) and get clearing. You’ll feel a million times better after it.

But don’t just stop at the toys. Look throughout the house for ways to minimise what you have. I’ve recently got rid of half of my clothing, I’ve been holding onto so many items thinking ‘just incase’ but no more!!

Going through it you may wish to just sell the house as-is and move into a new build, leaving your clutter behind you. Thank u, next.

Clean! Clean everywhere, get the skirtings, the windows the dusty corners. Invest in some good cleaning products - my fav brand is Method. They smell amazing and don’t have that catch-the-back-of-your-throat chemically smell. I also love Zoflora. It has so many uses but I mostly boil big bowls of water (or fill the sinks) and add a couple of capfuls in. It fills the room with the most wonderful smell.

Clear. It’s easy to let things clutter the tops of drawers, tops of wardrobes and even bedside tables. Take the things off - have a good look through them, is there anywhere else they could live? Or do you even need them now? Are they still to your taste?

My non-expert tip: while you’re clearing out think about what it is you’re mostly getting rid of, will you buy it again? If you’re buying more of what you’re eventually giving away you’re creating a crazy cycle! I’m really trying to be more conscious about what I buy. Buying for me and not because it’s trendy.

2. Retouch the gloss

Redoing your gloss will make your home feel and look fresh and clean. Fact. I’ve recently done our banister, windows and frames. It’s made a huge difference and is actually easier to polish!

3. Don’t forget the radiators

Painting your radiators can make more of a transformation than you think! Try something different. Could you make a statement with a contrasting colour or ‘hide’ your radiator by painting the same colour as your wall? This is my plan over the coming weeks. Yellowing radiators - BE GONE!

4. Add Greenery

My favourite. Plants. Having a plant or two around is guaranteed to make your home feel fresh. Not only are they amazing for the air, {have a google for the ones most beneficial if you’re mostly interested in this} bringing them into your house brings life into your room. Put them anywhere and everywhere (behave!!)

5. Have a shift around

Playing with the layout of a room can make it feel totally different. Can you create a cosy living space by moving your sofas around?

Could you move your bed to wake up to a different view?

I move things around constantly. It’s become a bit of a joke that G will come in every night wondering what’s different today!

6. Touch Ups

If you have kept old paint tins with a little still lining the bottom use that to make little touch ups, it’ll make the whole wall look and feel fresh. Just make sure you’re definitely using the correct shade!!

My top tip is for each paint you use buy a little test pot of that colour to make do these touch ups every so often. That way when your freshly painted wall gets struck down by yoghurt covered fingers its only a quick wipe and paint retouch away from perfection again!

Have you got any tips or things you do to refresh your home?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!

Karen xx