The Perfect Sunday - with Simba Sleep

Monday - Friday, like most people is spent wakening up to alarms, snoozing them, then darting up 15 minutes later a bit confused with pillow creases on your face.

You have a set hour, maybe an hour and a half, to get out of bed, get all the small people organised, have a shower (praying there is no fighting in this short 5 minute alone time) but really who am I kidding, there is at least two interruptions, one normally including Matilda asking to be stripped off to come in too. Dry hair off, put a small amount of make up on - enough to hide the tired eyes and dry skin!

Quickly downstairs to find the kids have started breakfast. This is part where I find my only dialogue is;

Have you got a snack

Can you put your shoes on

Do you need a PE kit

Can you stop blowing in your milk


Every morning we must leave by 8:40AM. Every morning we actually leave at 8:52AM and off to school we go.

It’s all a bit rushed, hectic and there’s no nice little moments of calm (I’m going to work on our routine to change this cause no one wants to live like that 5 out of 7 days a week!)

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It’s the weekend.

No alarm has been set but yet we are still all up. One by one the kids will wander in.

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Oscar’s usually first - a bit sleepy, still rubbing his eyes asking to come in for a snuggle (by this point he’s normally already nestled right in beside me) We’ll chat about his dreams from the night before and he’ll ask what we’re doing with the day and normally asking when he can get a treat (the boy has the biggest sweet tooth)

We’ll hear Matilda through the wall shouting “Mummmmy” “Daddyy” then finding her feet on the floor (does every other parent know their children by their footsteps?) Matilda’s quick paced little feet - you can normally hear where she’s almost bumped into something finding her way through the darkness as the pace quickens! She scrambles up the side of the bed desperately trying to get her knee up but normally requires some help.

Once Matilda comes in the bed becomes a little more lively, does anyone else have a child who just will not sit still? She’ll sometimes allow you to give her a cuddle but most of the time she just wants a drink of milk and her own space.

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Daddy goes to get her milk and normally comes back with something snacky like breadsticks.

He’ll pop the tv on in our room (normally Peppa pig) to give us a little extra time to snooze.

Eilidh will wander in scratching her tummy, yawning and find her space too.

I can look across the bed seeing three little bodies, a different way each time and Graeme on the far side, snoring - always snoring! How can men fall back to sleep so quickly?!

Once Eilidh arrives there’s a change in the tv normally a movie will go on with no intention of finishing it but hearing the wind and rain on the window and everyone relaxed and cosy under the covers it’s hard to deny this little luxury.

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Simba sleep Review

We were gifted this product.

We’ve had our super king Simba mattress for nearly two weeks now so I thought I would make a start on my review of it. From arrival to how it feels, to comfort and practically.

First off when it arrives it comes in a large, very heavy, box. The mattress is all ergonomically rolled up inside - how handy if you have a really awkward stairway. There’ll no be no ‘PIVOT’ here (if you don’t know this reference- have a word with yourself and use Dr Google)

Once unboxed, which FYI is really fun because they provide a little safety stanley blade to slice the plastic off and it streams through it like that really satisfying glide like when you’re cutting wrapping paper, it will unroll and gently ‘inflate.’ The mattress itself is luxuriously thick!

So here’s my best bits:

The top cover on the mattress unzips so you can wash it

Edge to edge comfort - our last mattress we would all end up in the middle because it had a dip

Instant relaxation

Better nights sleep*

Deep sleep

*also thanks to our new bedtime routine

Ok, I’ll admit, it took me a few nights to get used to the memory foam. My old lady hips took time to get used to the way they dip into the memory foam layer. Graeme was instantly in love. They day after the first night I phoned him at work and the first thing he said was that he’s not had a sleep as good as that in years!

After that first few nights of rolling around I have to say I feel completely the same. It is such a comfortable, hugging mattress that gives an almost euphoric deep sleep and sense of relaxation.

It has totally changed how we feel about going to bed. Every night we have a little routine of going up earlier than normal lighting a candle or spraying some incense (I have actually been using my Jo Malone perfume which I really must stop) and in the mornings I’m spending the time wakening just to ENJOY that time of being awake stretching and having a few minutes with my ow thoughts rather than looking for my phone and diving out of bed.

We love this mattress so much we would love to get the kids one too.

If you are thinking about investing in a new mattress I would highly recommend checking out Simba. If you do decide to buy one, I have a code for you to receive £75 off when making your purchase.


This is an affiliate link, which means if you use my code to make a purchase I receive a small commission for the recommendation but with zero extra cost to you.

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