What I've Gained By Going To the Gym

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The past month or so I’ve really found new passion for going to the gym, working out and getting fitter in general.

If you’ve followed me on Instagram for a while you’ll know I started the gym to give myself that little bit of headspace - which it is WONDERFUL for. It is time for me just to be by myself without being in a role ie MUM, WIFE etc it’s amazingly freeing. It helped me so much last year when I was pretty depressed (I still hate typing that, there’s so much stigma around depression and although I felt very low and depressed at points I have never wanted it to define me) it also helped and still helps my anxiety. I get very anxious but the going to the gym and having a place that’s just for me has helped my fuzzy head tremendously. When you’re at the gym you aren’t thinking about all the things ‘going wrong’ in your life or how you feel like everything is piling up and weighing you down. I just get on with whatever it is I’m doing and it feels AMAZING.

With this I’ve found so many inspirational pages and accounts that I love.

My favourites right now are Alive Liveing and The Fitness Foodie both inspirational women who make exercise look fun and keep it REAL with FAD diets.

I’ve become a bit obsessed with CALORIES and what I eat. Overthinking everything I eat and wondering if I’ll regret eating something I enjoy or feel guilty and ‘punish’ myself for having a ‘treat’ SO in effort to shift my focus from what I will LOSE (ie weight) I want to focus on what I GAIN by keeping fit and healthy.

Let’s be real. My main intention is to lose weight, I am overweight, but I’m not willing to sacrifice my mental health in pursuit of getting slimmer. It will happen, it’s a much longer process than people think. Perhaps the people you see losing weight very quickly aren’t on a long-term, sustainable diet? I’ve been there, lost and put it all back on!

My Gains. No not #GAINZ



Time to be myself

Learning and progressing

I want to do more and try more!

I FEEL better and stronger

Self esteem

Being a better mum from having that time to myself

A healthy, balanced lifestyle

Its helped my depression and anxiety SO much

I feel really excited for my future gymming as I’m planning on changing up what time of day I go. Right now I go every week night around 6pm but it’s such a busy time at the gym that some equipment that I would like to use more often isn’t free (or is free but there’s too many BROs around for me to feel confident to walk up and get it done) but come August, Oscar will start school and Matilda start nursery so I will then have that time during the day that I hope to utilise and build my confidence. At the weekends I try to go early Saturday or Sunday mornings - I really love it, I can get so much more done and it’s really quiet!!

I had a training session a few weeks ago with Michael Ulloa, a personal trainer from Edinburgh who specialises in online coaching and who, through his app has created recipes that are exciting and nutritional. Anyway, I had a training session with him to work on some weight training exercises that I didn’t feel confident in trying! We mainly worked on my form and just simple things like how to load the bar and how to use the cables etc but after having the session with him I felt amazing, super proud and it gave me a new zest for how I want to work out.

I’ve yet to venture into the square of deadlifts and barbell squats cause I’m scared LOL but my confidence will build and I’m happy to wait.

What will you gain?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and it wasn’t too start one story and finish on a different one {me in real life}

Karen xx