A Day Out with ScotRail - Kids For a Quid {AD}

When the team at ScotRail got in touch to see if we would like to become ‘Quid-Inspectors’ having a day out using their train service we jumped at the chance, you guys know how much we love a day out!!

So let me tell you a little about ‘Kids For A Quid’ cause I know you are going to love it.

This is part of a paid campaign.

Scot Rail journey ‘Kids For a Quid’

Scot Rail journey ‘Kids For a Quid’

ScotRails Kids For a Quid

ScotRail’s new campaign is offering off-peak kids train travel for just £1 this includes the weekend and school holidays- amazing right?! Normally when we find ‘great deals’ they can be quite restrictive not allowing you to use them at weekends, between certain times or unless you are also bringing your pet cat* Also good news if you’re a commuter and already have a rail pass as you can get this deal using your pass too!

*this is a totally exaggerated point

With your kids train ticket one child can gain free entry into some top days out across Scotland - I’ll pop a little link here so you can check out all the great places that you can use it.

We all know the expense days out can bring, this new offer from ScotRail will hopefully make days out more accessible and something to look forward to!

Our Day Out in Edinburgh

We started our day the same way every day out begins - a mad rush, leaving chaos in your wake!! HA

We boarded the 9.22am train to arrive in the centre of Edinburgh for just after 10am the journey was 100% hassle free. If you know me, you’ll know how badly co-ordinated I am when it comes to public transport but I was very surprised to see just how easy it was to navigate through, even with the three kids! We had plenty of things to do on the train as we brought along little colouring books and chalkboard which were kindly sent to us by the Scot Rail team for our journey. We looked out at all the sights as we passed, it felt so good to be able to both enjoy the journey with the kids, without concerning about directions, traffic or taking the wrong road!

We played hangman, dots and noughts and crosses - what’re your favourite paper games?

We left the train and station behind and headed to some VERY important Edinburgh stops ~ ViCtOrIa StReEt {I’ve been wanting to take pictures here for forever!} It did not disappoint. I loved the gentle curve of the buildings and the cobblestone road, it was even prettier in the rain!

After I spent a considerable time pissing about taking pictures we headed to the famous Camera Obscura - a place thats been on our list to-visit for a few years.

Camera Obscura

We got there around 1045 and I'm super glad that we arrived early-ish as it got VERY busy with queues about 30 minutes later.

If you haven’t been before, Camera Obscura is five floors packed full of optical illusions. There’s also a rooftop view across the city which I’m told on a good weather day is spectacular.

Our favourite bit was definitely the Mirror Maze or the Spinning Vortex both designed to make you fall over, feel sick or both. Quite honestly I felt drunk and could barely make it across. I was deliriously happy!

It’s a perfect place for kids to explore, we felt comfortable to let Eilidh and Oscar go on a little bit from us discovering the illusions for themselves. They loved the fact that they had already discovered the ‘trick’ and could show us how it worked.

If you’re coming with a baby/small toddler I would recommend using a carrier as there is no lift and the stairways are tight.

Plenty to do here but I reckon you could only stay 2 hours.


Hands down, the best pizza we have EVER had.

 Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

The staff were very friendly. The whole place had a really good welcoming vibe, it was easy, fast and delicious.

I’m a simple margherita kinda gal so Eilidh and I shared but G was recommended the ‘Philly Cheese Steak’


Rare seared sirloin, sugo, mozzarella, caramelised onions, roasted peppers & rocket with Jalapeno cream cheese

I mean {insert heart eyes} how delicious?

Oscar’s pizza slice

Oscar’s pizza slice

The wee ones had a slice each of margherita which was giant for them!

We ordered two sides of fries ‘cause we are piggies and LOVE all the food. Their fries are pretty unforgettable. Let’s get dirty and I’ll talk some food porn to you.. {put on your best M&S voice over}

Hand cut fries, lightly seasoned with mixed herbs, generously topped with smooth parmesan with a silky side of truffle aiole to dip those slender potato sticks in. Kinda killed the vibe with potato sticks didn’t I?

Not gonna lie, we were fighting over these fries at the end!

For being in a busy restaurant in the heart of the city Civerino’s provided a relaxed setting to bring the kids ~ it was actually enjoyable which I don’t often get to say about a meal out with the kids!!

civerinos fries .JPG

Have a little glance at their menu. You’ll notice there is a great choice including Vegan options! I hear their Froze in Summertime is really special!

Other than the food which was AMAZING Civerino’s is hitting all the other bases that some restaurants fail at.

The decor is cool and eclectic but wouldn’t put off families coming in. There’s a warm atmosphere, good relationships between staff and their customers. It’s clear to see why this place has amassed a dedicated following within Edinburgh in just a few short years (est. 2015).

I hope we can make it back here soon as I’ve only just seen their DESSERT menu, HELLO Wispa & Raspberry Calzone.

Karen x

Our local newspaper The Falkirk Herald has also written a piece about Scot Rails ‘Kids for a Quid’ it was really interesting to hear that more than half of all parents feel there is competition to provide the best days out for their kids during the school holidays. What a huge amount of pressure on parents to always have to do more!

Heres the link if you fancy a read

FULL DISCLAIMER: This entire day was kindly gifted to us as payment for review of Scot Rails new campaign. We are extremely grateful to be able to enjoy experiences like this. Huge thanks to the Scot Rail team who arranged everything for us on the day.