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80+ Fun Days Out With The Kids - Central Scotland

Our Ultimate Summer Checklist! 

Places to visit with kids during the summer holidays in Central Scotland. 

Every Summer I create a checklist full of places I want to visit with the kids during their holidays, some we'll manage and some we won't but I hope they'll be helpful if you are too looking for places to go with the kids in Central Scotland and a little beyond

I've linked the website of each place. Most of these places we've visited before. The places we are really hoping to visit I'll mark it with a little star ☆

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Eilidh's Birthday Weekend

For Eilidh’s birthday this year she gave us no indication as to what she would like. She murmured something occasionally about wanting new Heelys but like most other children she changed her mind constantly. If you're anything like us, you'll be in the same predicament as us - the kids have far too many toys, clothes etc that there's no place left for these things to live! For birthdays instead of buying more toys and games that will essentially be forgotten about moments after they've been opened we opt for experiences! Sometimes we'll get an annual pass for a zoo or aquarium etc (which is great because you get the use of this all year round)! Other things we have done is book classes or activities like last year Eilidh attended two weeks of tennis lessons during the summer holidays which she loved! We also encourage family (mostly just our parents) to do the same if they ask what the kids would like for birthdays and Christmas….

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