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Considering moving your child schools? Read this!

A little background…

It all happened when Eilidh began primary 4. Eilidh’s school is a very small school. There was only 22 in the entire school primary 1 - 7. So they’re multi-composite classes (ie several year groups make up one class). We were always so proud of Eilidh getting to go to a small school, it had a real family like feel to it. We loved that we knew all the kids, all the parents and could catch their teacher at the end of every day. A luxury you just wouldn’t get in larger schools.

However since starting primary 4 and moving into the ‘big class’ we noticed huge changes in Eilidh’s behaviour and attitude at home. She wasn’t the happy girl we had just a few short months before, she didn’t put much care into school. Eilidh was one of those girls who would be in tears and filled with worry if she had forgotten anything but she changed to a girl who just wasn’t bothered at all. She wasn’t getting a good sleep at night and found it very hard to settle down to get to sleep. We tried lots of things to get it right but we were totally stuck for what was causing it all. She had become very frustrated, angry and moody - it was like a glimpse into those teenage years. We were very concerned about what was going on. When she came home from school she wouldn’t want to play, she just wanted to play on her tablet or watch tv which was very unusual for her.

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