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Editing photos using VSCO app

Hi I’m Karen and editing photos makes me happy.

I tend to use the same edits over and over but not on preset. What is a preset I hear you cry - well, it’s a photo recipe. You can create your own ‘recipe’ with filters set, exposure, contrast, sharpness etc save it as a recipe then applying it across a range of pictures at once!

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My Photography tips - Candid Childhood Pictures

Capturing gorgeous, candid pictures of the children is something I really love to do. It's such a great way to keep a moment forever. It has become a really fun hobby for me from finding the right composition and style to editing the picture to make it POP. 

Now, I'm no expert but sometimes that's what you need, none of the jargon or complicated settings just some tips from one amateur to another!

Capturing beautiful pictures doesn't need to be difficult.

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