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A Day Out with ScotRail - Kids For a Quid {AD}

ScotRails Kids For a Quid

ScotRail’s new campaign is offering off-peak kids train travel for just £1 this includes the weekend and school holidays- amazing right?! Normally when we find ‘great deals’ they can be quite restrictive not allowing you to use them at weekends, between certain times or unless you are also bringing your pet cat* Also good news if you’re a commuter and already have a rail pass as you can get this deal using your pass too!

*this is a totally exaggerated point

With your kids train ticket one child can gain free entry into some top days out across Scotland - I’ll pop a little link here so you can check out all the great places that you can use it.

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Days out near or around Stirlingshire

Are you looking for a good family day out in Stirlingshire? Well, you’ve came to the right place!

Days out are my JAM!

Here you’ll find the some of my favourite places to visit with my three children. I’ve tried to keep it varied with places that are free, suitable for all ages and most of all fun for everyone!

I’ll briefly describe each place, if theres a cost, if its dog friendly, how long you could typically spend there, if it has a cafe and toilets etc. I’ll also share the main reason we choose to visit!

To help out I’ve added a quick look at each place with, in my opinion, the best features in a nutshell.

We’re very lucky to live in a place where there are so many cool landmarks to visit.

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Editing photos using VSCO app

Hi I’m Karen and editing photos makes me happy.

I tend to use the same edits over and over but not on preset. What is a preset I hear you cry - well, it’s a photo recipe. You can create your own ‘recipe’ with filters set, exposure, contrast, sharpness etc save it as a recipe then applying it across a range of pictures at once!

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Our week of play, Social switch off.

A few weeks ago I started a little social switch off during the morning when it was just Matilda and I. Just us two, playing, no distractions.

I didn’t even plan it. It happened and it’s been oh so wonderful!

As well as being ‘socially switched off’ I’ve also tried not to do any tasks during this time. It is the easiest time for me to be able to get on with stuff but it’s also the only time of the day I get some quality time with Matilda.

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