How To Find the "Green Loch" or Lochan Uaine, Aviemore

Have you been looking for the Green Loch? Or Lochan Uaine? Near Aviemore nestled in Glenmore Forest this is a true hidden gem.

This mysterious loch famously coloured green because this is the place the fairies come to wash their clothes.

So this place can be fairly tricky to find as its not signposted and isn’t named on google maps.

You’ll want to start at Glenmore Visitor Centre, near Loch Morlich. If you’re looking for a longer walk or to spend the day you can walk from here however, we drove past the Cairngorm Reindeer Centre and followed the road to Glenmore Lodge Outdoor Centre (where this road ends) in a lay-by. From this point its a fairly short walk, about 45 mins to the loch following and keeping on the same path until you reach it.

Postcode for visitor centre PH22 1QU

The Old Logging Way, route to the Green Loch, Aviemore

The Old Logging Way, route to the Green Loch, Aviemore

This picture is just beyond where you will park outside the Outdoor centre.

The paths to the loch are like this the entire way, perfect for cycling, taking the pram or for the kids to use skipping ropes like a horsey (true story) we received some classic skipping ropes as a gift in a PR box and the kids have enjoyed them every second since!

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It was MUCH busier than we would’ve ever thought (we did go on a bank holiday mind you) there were lots of cyclists, groups of hillwalkers and families.

The Green Loch, Lochan Uaine, Aviemore

The Green Loch, Lochan Uaine, Aviemore

This will be your first glimpse of the Green Loch, stunning isn’t it? The path to the right is an excellent view point right across the loch.

Across the loch from the view point. The Green Loch, Lochan Uaine.

Across the loch from the view point. The Green Loch, Lochan Uaine.

There is a small beach at the farthest point of the loch, perfect place to bring a picnic to.

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Walking down these steps you reach the edge of the water, to the left there is a narrow sandy beach with the most incredible tree roots which the kids are able to climb up. Oscar actually made a ‘house’ in the roots at the top, he has such a lovely imagination.


We really didn’t spend very long at the loch, everyone was hungry and tired so we only stayed around 15 minutes.

the green loch, aviemore4.jpeg

We hope to visit here again soon, being a little more organised the next time we go.

Let me know if you visit!!

Karen x

Karen McRobbie