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Our Date Day, Canteen at Archerfield Walled Garden

Let’s talk real for a moment. Children can put a huge strain on the best of marriages. We feel very lucky to have in each other an understanding of each other’s needs. To us, communication is key!

Couple time is so important in any relationship to be able to step away from those roles of mum and dad and the responsibilities that come with those roles. I loved being able to actually look at Graeme and talk to him without interruption, to actually have a laugh with him.

To no longer feel like we’re in competition as to who is the most tired or who should go up to see the kids who have wakened this time.

When you’re parents your responsibility and main concern is your children, you sometimes forget about that person you share the house and the jobs with. You forget to live out with your roles and enjoy each other’s company. We expect so much from each other sometimes without giving the other anything in return. It’s very easy to say ‘you’ll get time when the kids are older’ but what if by that point we have forgotten who we are? That we love each other too? And want to spend time together?

Don’t wait for the kids to get older, do it now. Be with each other now. The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it. Go water your grass, spray a hose right over it and wait for the sunshine to make you bloom!

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